Presenting a professional front to the market place. Pattern digital enables you to progress with the most satisfying web/graphic designing and marketing for a reasonable price.


Our Mission is to continuously work closely with our clients in presenting a professional front to the market. which will enable you to progress with the most satisfying web/graphic designing and marketing agency for a competitive price.


Our vision is to serve our clients with the best standards of quality and to be the market leader.


A fresh step into this industry was taken by our director/proprietor a few years ago and we developed slowly to where we are now gradually undergoing many shortages and comebacks. Regardless of the obstacles, we still managed to have captured and come to a stable yet still growing stage in this industry with credits to our director and our team. Our first branch was launched in Kandy where there was a market gap identified when having done the necessary research. We later decided that we should expand ourselves to the Western Province which led us to the conclusion of situating ourselves in the heart of Sri Lanka,Colombo, which now happens to be our second branch.

Initiative was generated as we ourselves had experienced a shortage in the supply of services similar to that we offer here, at Pattern Digital, in the market when we had to get digital content out there to the world/market. Hence, our proprietor, Mr. Fakir took the first step of stepping into this field of service to offer clients with similar expectations a high end service with high quality standards for a reasonable price.